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We empower collaboration through knowledge sharing


As any seasoned sailor knows, you don't venture into the open seas unprepared. It requires a solid foundation of skills

Hands-on sessions to develop new ways of working, practical skills and knowledge:

  • Prospective thinking: scenario exercise workshops to prepare for uncertainties

  • Design thinking: learn how to design your processes in a collaborative way

  • Leadership skills : new modes of collaborative leadership - trust & engagement management

  • Streamline communication: how to interact, meet and use the right tech tools for optimal collaboration

  • Bottom-up values sounding : engage your employees towards the long-term mission  of your organisation by taking their values into account

  • Learn how to learn ! Focus on social interactions and the help of others to grow knowledge (socio-constructivism learning)

  • Documentation practices workshop : learn how to structure documentation for optimal collaboration​

  • Impact measurement and management : understand the real problem you want to tackle

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Hire a speaker for any event related to the future of collaboration

We provide experts of collaboration with great communication skills in different formats:

  • Lectures : long or short, learn about the different key dimensions of collaboration

  • Inspiration pills : in a short format, we raise awareness of today’s disruptive topics (e.g. AI within collaboration)

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Become the voice of the future or join us to raise it

We campaign for collaborators, the new type of employees
We campaign for modern work organisations 
We campaign to ensure that the office is no longer a frontier
We campaign for a new work order

We spend energy writing articles, talking to radios and debating in events. You can join us in or contact us to share. If you have ideas, or want to spread the change to the world, call us !​

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