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At RoadCo, we envision a future where collaboration knows no bounds, transcending traditional workplace barriers to unlock unprecedented potential.

Remote working, diverse global teams, and flexible workflows have become the new normal. A trend that will only get stronger with the new technologies hitting the market.

Companies have no choice but to put in place collaboration strategies in tune with this emerging paradigm. Strategies that are resilient and adaptable to a shifting landscape. Strategies that are geared to a new type of employee: the road-collar.

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Our Team


Diego de Lichtervelde



Lina Benmehrez



Laurent Wibaut



We elaborate authentic collaboration models embracing the beauty in imperfection, advocating for thoughtful and slow-paced exploration, and navigating change with adaptability and strategic preparation.

Living like a local

At our core, we're more than just food enthusiasts; we're local culture aficionados. Whether it's in our unique hybrid house network or within the companies we partner with, we prioritise tuning into the local scene. We're not here to overhaul traditions, but to immerse ourselves in them, to listen actively and adapt respectfully. Our approach is simple: understand, respect, and live like a local. Every place has a story, and we're here to listen.

Repairs in the Kintsugi style

In a world obsessed with the new, we stand for the beauty of integration. We see companies not just as business entities but as bearers of history and culture. Instead of opting for drastic or disruptive makeovers, we choose to mend, not end. Our philosophy? Repairing what is with grace and wisdom, enhancing what exists while respecting its legacy.

A slowmadism journey

Slowmadism isn't just a trend; it's a lifestyle. We advocate for a slower pace of travel, where the journey matters as much as the destination. It's about embracing the art of living, understanding different cultures, and working while wandering. With us, travel becomes an open-minded exploration, a chance to soak in new experiences without losing the essence of quality. It's about discovery, diversity, and the delicate balance between movement and stillness.

Navigating the waves of change

Adaptability isn't just a skill; it's a necessity. In the vast ocean of business, conditions can change in the blink of an eye. We teach the art of sailing not just as a sport but as a metaphor for effective change management. Learn the importance of resilience, teamwork, and strategic planning. With the right preparation, any storm can be weathered, and any challenge can be overcome. Because in the sea of change, preparation is your best compass.


A few years ago, we were in Venice, in winter, working together, organising our days as we pleased, enjoying the most wonderful breaks. It was a tremendous success, for all of us. We soon realised this success was entirely due to our level of autonomy.

We are three talents who left salaried employment seeking autonomy, meaning, and the ability to work from anywhere.

Diego, Product management in banking 

Laurent, Senior IT manager in pharma company

Lina, Senior analyst in impact funds

We came up with a name for ourselves. Road collars. 

A road-collar is a person who knows when to work and how to interact with others, wherever they are. A road collar cherishes autonomy and flexibility. It is any employee who does not need surveillance and location constraints to perform exceptionally well.

Then the pandemic came along and turned everything upside down. For us, and for the corporate world. Road collars started emerging everywhere. And became more and more numerous. 

By the time the situation had calmed down, the three of us had joined forces again to convince the corporate world this new type of employee had to be accounted for in their work arrangements. For everyone’s good.

And we created RoadCo. 


Rigid working hours and workplace constraints are a major factor of talent exodus, exhaustion, and disengagement. Trust, in change, is what will make collars stick to the roles they love. Trust is the new driving force behind performance. 

Companies have no choice but to put in place collaboration strategies in tune with this emerging paradigm. Strategies that are resilient and adaptable to a shifting landscape. Strategies that are geared to a new type of employee: the road collar.

Companies must rethink ways of working

RoadCo, the future of collaboration

At RoadCo, we are convinced that work arrangements accounting for this new type of employee will prevent talent drain, exhaustion, and disengagement. We have set out to do everything in our power to help organisations implement flexible collaboration strategies based on trust. Convinced as we are that these strategies will prove decisive in boosting a company's productivity.


Our aim is to turn these challenges into opportunities. We help organisations set up collaboration strategies that increase team robustness.  With the RoadCo Method. A combination of data and expert human insights tailored to organisations’ unique needs. A compass pinpointing the precise when, how, and where to collaborate

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