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Garibaldi's Way

Step 1: Train departure from Brussels to Como San Giovanni

We book every train ticket you need, for you to reach Como San Giovanni.
Departure on saturday morning, you will be accompanied by the other Road-Collars, depending on everyone's departure city.
At Como San Giovanni Station, you will be able to catch the bus for Nesso

Service option:

Use your own transport
Depart from another city

Step 2: Stay in our picturesque house in one of the most authentic villages on Lake Como, Nesso

You will arrive on saturday evening at the house, for you to get settled nicely and live your first moments with the tribe. On sunday you'll have the time to discover the surroundings, before starting strongly the full work week!

Service option:

Workshops organized by RoadCo
Lago di Como discovery

Check house


Step 3: Night train ride to Puglia

Embark on the night train from Milano to Lecce, arriving in Puglia in the fresh morning.

Service option:

Choose the day train option instead
Use your own transport

Step 4: Stay in our village house hidden in the splendid city of Ostuni

You will arrive on sunday morning at the house, for you to get settled nicely and discover the surroundings, before a strong start for the full week of work!

Service option:

Workshops organized by RoadCo
Activities in the region
Wineyard discovery

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