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Discover your organization remote personality with the Roadco Quizz

Get your organization remote persona

Discover the RoadCo method

Learn basic indicators

Pay attention that this is quizz is not intented to be used as a valid analysis of your organization remote work model. Workplace mobility is a transversal topic that requires thorough study and important amount of data. The quizz you are about to use is only designed to raise your awareness, discover how we work and show you some basic indicators. Contact us for more details.


What elements do you focus on during your recurrent performance reviews ?


At what level would you evaluate the cost savings thanks to remote work?
No savings, even worseFew savingsExpected savingsSignificative savingsExceptionnal savings with significative impact on business

Company Culture

Which of the below dimensions are part of your company's values?


How would you describe your Tech infrastructure to sustain remote work?

Legal & Policies

What type of framework has been put in place to regulate remote work practices in your organization?

Workplace Mobility Degree

How would you describe the volume of remote work that is performed in your organization?

Collaboration & Communication

How much do you foster collaboration and creativity within a digital environment?
very few or no use of digital tools to collaborate and create ideasA bit of digital innovation but mainly in-officeWe create ideas in-office as well as remotelyNo issue with brainstorming in a digital environment on a regular basisOur company uses a full stack of digital tools to innovate

Engagement & Well-being

What have you put in place to ensure engagement and well being for remote workers?

Leadership Maturity

At what level would you rate the leadership team on innovating towards modern work practices?
Pretty conservative, they only stick to classic work practicesThey like the idea of future of work but do not implement itThey are forward-thinking and start changing their habitsFuture of work is a consistent topic and several projects are on their wayThey reinvent new ways of working and swiftly implement them

Workplace Mobility Degree

Let's check your knowldege: which scenario represents the best asynchronous work situation?

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