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Your remote persona is 




Just as Sam Gamgee in The Lord of the Rings, is the quintessential support for Frodo, your organisation champions employee well-being and unity in the transition to remote work. You cultivate a nurturing community, offer consistent support, and ensure every team member feels appreciated and integral to the company's journey. Potential weaknesses include the possibility of overprotectiveness which might hinder individual initiative and autonomy and prioritising group harmony over decision-making and innovation.

Your remote model is 


Like in any vehicle, you use an engine to move forward. Remote work is the same. Out of the results, it looks like your remote work usage is matching the maturity and the tools you have put in place. Let’s explore together the Future of Work opportunities !

Your remote usage is 


A company with an office-first approach primarily emphasises physical office attendance as the standard mode of work. In this model, employees are expected to work from a designated office location most of the time, with limited flexibility for remote work. Your remote usage should be optimally levelled according to business opportunities and collaborators needs.

Your remote engine is 

Steam Locomotive

Organisations equipped with a steam locomotive to pull their remote work strategy rely on rather traditional methods. It should not be considered as an issue if it is balanced according to your remote work usage.

The results of the Lite Assessment are only indicative and are not to be used as part of a full analysis of your remote model. The outcomes you read above are a step to start your journey. They are especially designed to make you discover the RoadCo method as well as to understand the main dimensions of workplace mobility models in organisations.

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