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  • What is the expertise of RoadCo?
    We base our expertise on certification and experience.
  • How much cost a Deep Assessment?
    A deep assessment varies in cost.
  • What is the Lite Assessment?
    The Lite Assessment is about using only the automatized part of our methodology. You get surveys to answer and then receive a description of your collaboration profile and the collected data. Less precise than a Deep Assessment, it can be greatly valuable to start your reflexion on collaboration or build a data asset to follow your progress.
  • When was RoadCo created?
    RoadCo was created in september 2022.
  • What are the deliverables of a Deep Assessment?
    After going through the 6 steps of our methodoly you receive a full report including: - Your company collaboration-profile - Your employee collaboration-profile - Your collaboration score for several dimensions - A benchmark analysis comparing your company to the best-in-class of the market - A detailed actions and recommandation report - A RoadCo journey map to orchestrate your implementation (see design phase)
  • How much time take a Deep Assessment to be performed?
    The typical duration of a Deep Assessment is around 2 month from start to end. This duration is the total lead-time and not the work spent on it.
  • Can RoadCo change my tech setup?
    RoadCo core expertise in the design phase is more related to the collaboration business tools you would need. For example, we are specialist of digital work practices, remote meeting format, data sharing and leveraging and HR canevas. For specific topic such as tech gear, we work in partnership with specialized freelances and suppliers.
  • Is it possible to have updated dashboard of the collaboration KPI?
    It is possible to ask us for a frequently updated dashboard based on automatic data collection. You first order a Deep Assessment to get a one-shot full picture of your company collaboration levels and then we accordingly build a dashboard that will be updated whenever you need. We work in partnership with for data collection and we master Power BI to feed your dashboard.
  • Do RoadCo organize team-buildings?
    Team-buildings can be crucial to enhance engagement and social cohesion. We then certainly deliver team-buildings using our houses network throughout Europe. Our team-buildings are built with great knowledge of the local region and focus on authenticity of the local culture. Apart from team-buildings, we deliver many other solutions in our houses including corporate retreats, workshops, work journeys, board strategy offsite events, etc.
  • What is a hybrid company?
    Hybrid companies are companies that work as much in-office as remotely. Employees typically spend their time between the office and other places during the week (e.g. 2 days at home per week).
  • What are the laws applicable to remote work?
    At RoadCo we have the legal knowledge regarding remote work. Our expertise was built by BDO, a specialized company in employment law. If you face legal challenges with your HR team regarding remote work, contact us to receive the legal canevas and more direct knowledge of the rules to implement.
  • What is the Design phase?
    The Design phase includes all the solutions you will implement to improve your collaboration levels. You will concretely start your change with our read-to-use tools, workshops and external consultants, putting the Assessment recommandations into action.
  • Is it possible to book a house?
    Our network of houses is mainly used to support work events and work journeys. If you wish to book a house for more private use or because you only need the booking and not the additional services, contact us and we will put you in touch with the owners
  • In what manner RoadCo services differ from other consulting companies?
    - Hollistic approach - New generation model, no perception shift needed - We believe in harmony between human aspirations and corporate world
  • What consulting services can RoadCo provide?
    At RoadCo, we know that changes should sometimes be implemented by an external consultant with special knowledge. In thoses cases, we flag in advance the type of consultant you would required and get a clear view on the result to be implemented. When required, we use our trusted network of external consultants. We put you in contact with the consultant and you agree on a mission to be delivered.
  • What events can be organized in the RoadCo houses?
    Our network of houses is very flexible. Depending on the event type requested and the number of people, we are able to organize very different type of events to support your collaboration, including: - Corporate retreats - Board step-back journeys - Work journeys - Team-buildings - Design thinking project - etc. We always find a houses that fits your request! Once decided, we are able to provide some additional services depending on the house (from catering to workshops and other activities).
  • How do a Deep Assessment work?
    When executing a deep assessment, we go through different steps with you: We gather a governance meeting to identify the relevant teams to assess and define the objectives. We define the Point of Contact too. We use automatic surveys sent to each relevant role
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