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Local listeners

Apart from loving food in general, we put a lot of importance in local elements. In every company or special place (such as our hybrid houses), we focus on listening to the local habits. Our strategy is to discover and be part of the environment rather than modifying it in an unnatural way. 



Elegant repairs

We believe that corporates can improve without denying their historical achievements. Avoiding disruptive destroy-and-rebuild, we rather focus on elegantly bridging the gaps to foster collaboration and change perception. We want to repair flaws with personalized solutions, deeply understanding the context.



It all started in Venice...

A bunch of university students gathered together to lock themselves in a Venetian apartment, and hammer their exams preparation together.

The outcome: the most successful exam session ever, in terms of scores, with none of the group having failed, this time!

The key to success: 4 hours a day walking around the city, discovering cultural wanders and beautiful scenery, which made their study time highly efficient, being boosted and brain reloaded by those walks.

Today, after more than 5 years going into different successful professional paths, we are back together!


At the dusk of the pandemic, while companies are struggling to adapt to the new post-pandemic world, and set-up their own hybrid-working, the team re-join forces to convince the corporate world of their key to success.


Time is pressing! A new employee type has appeared,
the "Road-Collar":


Employees who suddenly face the opportunity to be passionate intrapreneurs, autonomous and flexible, delivering company growth from wherever place they are, as surveillance and location are not considered drivers of performance or motivation anymore.

As we saw it come to life, we couldn't miss the fact that companies were thinking their future of work missing to acknowledge its existence, and not taking its needs into account.
In parallel, we could see the company's struggle from today's talent exodus, which will only increase if no suitable alternative is provided in the way companies design their hybrid-work models.

Facing this society gap, we created the Road-Collar Tribe!

At RoadCo, our aim is to solve this gap by providing companies the necessary tools to ensure proper alternatives are offered to the Road-Collar in the new hybrid-working design, improving their motivation and well-being, ensuring their company attachment, attracting, and retaining the most valuable talents.

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